Education and IQ

So, I am regularly told that “IQ is not this huge factor!” and that “education makes more of a difference in people’s lives” as this big thing that is supposed to make hereditarian beliefs about intelligence go out the window. Along with that we also get the “If group x had better education, their IQ would rise.” Stuff like this, commonly believed, yet unproved nonsense, is why I’m here.


Hispanic Crime Revisited

The debate of Hispanic crime has been going on for the past few decades. We tend to hear a plethora of stories relating to Hispanics being the perps in a lot of crimes and we paint a picture of their crime rates in our head. We do the same for black people and we do the reverse for whites and Asians, seeing a lack of crime and saying “These groups probably don’t commit a lot of crime.” But anecdotes aren’t always great – usually only useful for historical presentation and views of the public. Data is what matters but on Hispanic crime the data leaves a lot to answer. (more…)