The Central Park Five: The Brothas Take New York!

Very recently, Netflix has released a documentary on the case of the Central Park Five entitled “When They See Us.” It must be a pretty good film considering that it got 9/10 stars via reviews, and it has reviews from viewers showing us how important race is.

One commentator states:

“I would say that this show was totally an eye opener to my mind and made me more mature and I am also more cautions as a Black teen female but any way this just shows how they think about black people they call us animals but not all black people are uncivilized people but they blame every thing on black people when the whole time it was that mexican or white boy they try to blame things on us black people just because they cant stand the fact that are race is really power full even though we were here before them they take credit for things that we did.”

For those wondering why the grammar is so bad, you’re probably right in guessing that the person who typed it out is black. It really gives us a taste of that intellectualism among the average black and their high IQ (click here to know more about the black IQ).

Mr. Don says,

“It was shameful to see several innocent young black men be accused and ultimately bare the actions of another man’s crime and to see the methods used to attain a false statement to find the perpetrator(s) was intense and hard to watch.”

Amy Taylor, probably a white woman, described how the show touched her to the core.

“This was an amazing show that got me right to the core. It is extremely emotional and upsetting to see how colour affects everyone and how the law manipulates a single person easily. This show comes with a lot of disappointing news and information about our society.”

Damn. It seems that whatever this case was about, the people who were accused really got fucked over. The film was written by Ava DuVernay, a black woman who seems like she has some white admixture in her. Regardless of her skin color, she had some comments for Donald Trump of whom wanted the Central Park Five dead when the case first appeared.

“The story people know is the lie that you told them. Your violent rhetoric fed tensions that led to the bill you pretend to distant yourself from. But you can’t hide from what you did to The Central Park Five. They were innocent. And they will have the last word.”

Is the story Donald Trump said really a “lie”? It probably is considering that Finn (2019) – an article written by a white woman, duh – claims that she [DuVerynay] did “years of research.” Is all this true? Well, we should discuss the case first.

On April 19, 1989, Trisha Meili was jogging in Central Park in New York at night and she was raped and assaulted.

“Trisha Meili lost 80 percent of her blood during an attack and rape so brutal that doctors did not expect her to live more than a few hours.

She had deep scalp lacerations and skull fractures. Her brain was swollen. Her eye had exploded from its socket. Unconscious and tied up, her body jerked uncontrollably because of massive brain damage. The soles of her feet were the only part of her blood-soaked body not bruised, and she was identified by a gold ring that she always wore.

One of her physicians testified that “she hung onto life by a thread.”

Working Woman Report (2017)

She survived, but she was unable to remember the attack. The reason for the attack might have been the fact that about 30 young minorities (mostly blacks and Latinos), met up in Central Park and started engaging in mischievous acts. Their childish shenanigans ended up turning into assaulting joggers. This led to cops arresting two young boys, Kevin Richardson and Raymond Santana (Blades 2017). While in policy custody, Trisha was found badly beaten and raped. The police decided that the mischief done by the boys that night was tied to the Central Park Five (Wolff 1989). Later on, more boys were arrested: Korey Wise, Antron McCray, and Yusef Salaam. The boys admitted guilt and were charged with sodomy in the first degree, sexual abuse in the first degree, and riot in the first degree. They spent a numerous time in jail for raping and beating Trisha.

Of course, though, the Netflix films makes some dashing, hard claims. Such as the fact that when they admitted to being guilty, their admission was actually coerced, but Michael Armstrong, who served on the panel re-investigation of the case, wrote that there is no evidence to suggest that the confessions were coerced (Armstrong 2014). A lead NYPD officer on the case also said that there was no coercion (Rayman 2018). Besides this, the Central Park Five admitted to guilt in front of their parents/ guardians!

Antron McCray: “We charged her. We got her on the ground. Everybody started hitting her and stuff. She was on the ground. Everybody stompin’ and everything. Then we got, each—I grabbed one arm, some other kid grabbed one arm, and we grabbed her legs and stuff. Then we all took turns getting on her, getting on top of her.”

Kevin Richardson: “Raymond [Santana] had her arms, and Steve [Lopez] had her legs. He spread it out. And Antron [McCray] got on top, took her panties off.”

Raymond Santana: “He was smackin’ her, he was sayin’, ‘Shut up, bitch!’ Just smackin’ her…I was grabbin’ the lady’s tits.”

Kharey Wise: “This was my first rape.”

Kerwick (2014)

It’s worth remembering that at this time, the police didn’t even know if Trisha would survive. Their word wasn’t the only thing against them, there was also DNA evidence of them attacking the girl. As Kerwick notes:

Multiple videotaped confessions of “the Five”; the presence of semen, blood, and hair on all of the suspects; a scratch on Kevin Richardson’s neck that, in the company of his father, he admitted he received by Meili; and several witness accounts confirmed for the police that the vermin who Ken Burns would years later make into martyrs were as guilty as sin itself of initiating and facilitating an attack against Trisha Meili that nearly cost the poor woman her life.

When the cops told Salaam that fingerprints were found on the joggers clothes, he immediately confessed. Why would that happen? They didn’t say whose fingerprints, rather just fingerprints in general. Something smells kinda fishy, ya’ know? Friends and acquaintance of the boys also said that they did rape someone:

Dennis Commedo, one of the boys who was part of the larger group, told the police that, when he ran into Richardson in the park that night, he’d said, “We just raped somebody.”

Wise told a friend’s sister, Melody Jackson, that he didn’t rape the jogger; he “only held her legs down while Kevin (Richardson) f—ed her.” Jackson volunteered this information to the police, thinking it would help Wise.

Two of Wise’s friends said that, the next day, he told them, “You heard about that woman that was beat up and raped in the park last night. That was us!”
Another boy arrested for the attacks, but not the rape, told the detectives on videotape that he overheard Santana and a friend laughing in the park about how they’d “made a woman bleed.”

The defendants also knew facts about the attack that only someone who had been there could possibly know. Two of the boys, Santana and Richardson, independently pointed out the exact location where the rape had occurred.

Coulter (2019)

Antron even said that “everybody started hitting her and stuff. She was on the ground, everybody stompin’ and everything. … I grabbed one arm, some other kid grabbed one arm and we grabbed her legs and stuff. Then we all took turns getting on her, getting on top of her. … I just like, my penis wasn’t in her. I didn’t do nothing to her … I was just doing it so everybody … Everybody would just like, would know I did it” (NYMag).

So basically, the boys did do it and some assisted with the rape. The rape wasn’t the only thing as they were also convicted of assaulting other people, with one person being beaten with a pipe.

So why were these guys let go? Did evidence really set them free, especially since the City of New York settled with them? Does this prove that Trump was wrong and that he really is a Cheeto-racist? No.

The exoneration was based on a statement given by Matias Reyes, claiming that he had done the rape and did it alone (the latter part was never confirmed). While DNA evidence was found that he raped the girl, this doesn’t mean the other boys, who helped him rape her by keeping her down and beating her, dindu nuffin. Linda Fairstein, who led the distract attorney’s sex crimes at the time during the case, said that the DNA evidence from Reyes “does not exonerate the other five, who by their own admissions participated in her attack by holding her down and striking her to the ground” (Stodghill 2002). Even then, they weren’t really exonerated, there were just no re-trials given.

So, where does Trump lead into this? Well, Donald Trump released an ad that showcased the wanting of the death penalty for who ever raped the girl. As can be seen below:

Image result for bring back the death penalty bring back our police

Some have taken this to mean that Trump is a racist, but Trump is right. Even though the guys were not charged but rather just accused at the time, wanting to bring back the death penalty for people who assault and rape others isn’t wrong nor racist. The fact that the guys did end up doing the crime shows that Trump was flexing even before they were charged with his position of being tough-on-crime.

After this, it’s pretty hard to take the Netflix “documentary” (just edited clips of confessions to make the story seem damning and as a case of injustice) seriously. I guess it’s just racism in the U.S. of A, baby.

Written by Unorthodox Theory

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