Intelligence and Income

Once again, in preparation for a post I compiled a few studies regarding a specific topic and figured I’d share them early. In addition, any studies you’d recommend I add would be greatly appreciated.

Here are all of the studies I could find on intelligence and income.

This is collected from scientific papers and analyses done by popular bloggers, hence some weird names in place of a typical last name for a source (such as Pumpkin Person)

Also, not all of these studies were done on individual IQ’s and incomes (some looked at regions, countries, etc.) so if they don’t I’ve left a note for the study at the bottom:

Strenze (2006)r=0.23
Pumpkin Person (2016)r=0.49
Daliard (2016)r=0.36
Lynn (2010)r=0.937*
Wolfinger (2019)r=0.46
Rushton and Templer (2011)r=0.54**
Lynn and Vanhanen (2006)r=0.68***
Zax and Rees (2002)B=0.06
Kanazawa (2006)r=0.57****
Kirkegaard (2019)r=0.15
Nyborg and Jensen (2001)r=0.36
Jencks (1973)r=0.349
Irwing and Lynn (2006)r=0.317(women)-0.368(men)
Zagorsky (2007)r=0.297
Fergusson et al. (2005)B=1,595*****

* = Two things to note on this study: 1) it was only done in Italy, 2) it was done on regional differences in IQ and their effect on average incomes. Hence this isn’t a traditional individual-based study, which is likely why the correlation is so high. It was worth including with a note, regardless.
** = This analysis was done on state IQ estimates and compared to average income within states.
*** = This analysis was done on national IQ estimates and national average income.
**** = This analysis was done on state IQ estimates and median family income. This likely leads to a higher correlation because not everyone in a family contributes equally to the family income. See Pumpkin Person (2016) which finds the correlation to family income was quite a bit larger than that for individual income.
***** = Gross income over a year

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